At Canopy Man cc we are very proud of every job we do and carry out all of our work to all SABS and OHSA regulations, relevant to kitchen extraction systems.
Site-specific risk assessments are issued to ensure that we not only carry out our service to the highest standard, but safely as well. Chemicals used are SABS tested, food safe and non-flammable.

Work is carried out on-site at a time that is acceptable to you, ensuring job completion with minimum disruption to your business. With each job you are presented with certification, before/after photos and a detailed site report as part of the job completion notice.

We are now certified to carry out electrical repairs and maintenance for worry-free service of your complete system. We repair and replace extractor fans, effect repairs to industrial kitchen appliances and install 3-phase circuit protection. Jobs carry our standard certification, guarantee and proof of job completion.

Grease removal and disposal
Grease removed from extraction systems need to be disposed of correctly in accordance with the waste management bill. We're up-to-date with the legal precedents regarding  disposal  and environmental concerns. Get a copy of the Waste Management Bill here, or contact us to know more.